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Natural Divulge - Mint Emu Oil Soap

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Made with real crushed peppermint leaves

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Dip your toe in a cool mountain stream! If you like the refreshment and exhilaration of mint, then you will love this goat milk soap. Armed with a bold natural fragrance, customers have indicated to us that they love the cool, refreshing feeling they get when bathing or showering with it in the mornings or at the end of a hot summers day.


  • All Natural
  • Handmade
  • Handcrafted
  • Goat Milk
  • Gentle for Sensitive Skin
  • Made in USA
  • INGREDIENTS: saponified soybean oil (GMO free), goat milk, olive and coconut oils, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, distilled water, essential oil, emu oil, crushed peppermint leaves, vegetable glycerin and vitamin E.
  • WEIGHT: 4 ounces (113g)



 The receipes of Natural Divulge's handmade goat milk soap are originally developed as a “labor of love” by a grandmother, for her granddaughter born with the skin condition eczema. Amazingly over time, she perfected the blending of certain key ingredients proven to be beneficial to the skin, and in conjunction with time, temperatures, and unique production methods, she developed the perfect natural goat milk soap product.


Natural Divulge's cleansing bars are:

  • non-detergent

  • non-cosmetic

  • of a non-drug variety

  • real handmade goat milk soaps, produced completely from scratch, using the ancient cold process method

  • considered to be “true” or “pure” soaps by definition

  • perfectly blended, creamy and gentle 


#1 - The Ingredients


  • soy bean oil

  • olive oil

  • coconut oil

  • sodium hydroxide

  • water

  • shea butter

  • vitamin E

  • vegetable glycerin

  • essential oils if applicable

  • fragrance oils if applicable

  • creamy, rich, goat milk

    • non-allergenic

    • naturally homogenized, rich in emollients

    • contains caprylic acid, helps balance skin ph

  • emu oil

    • Go to Emu Oil Benefits for information concerning the proven and significant benefits of Emu Oil. Or you can simply google “emu oil” and find an abundance of other resources for emu oil information.

#2 - The Manufacturing Process

Natural Divulge's cleansing bars are of a non-detergent, non-cosmetic, non-drug variety. They are produced completely from scratch, by hand, using the ancient cold process method of saponification. Our goat milk soaps are considered to be “true” soaps by definition.


What does “true” soap, cold processed, and saponification mean?

The definition of soap, according to Wikipedia Encyclopedia are as follows: “Soap, consisting of sodium (soda ash) or potassium (potash) salts of fatty acids is obtained by reacting fat with lye in a process known as saponification. The fats are hydrolyzed by the base, yielding alkali salts of fatty acids (crude soap) and glycerol. Many cleaning agents today are technically not soaps, but detergents, which are less expensive and easier to manufacture.”

What this all means in layman’s terms, is that the cold processed method of making “true” soap is to mix a strong alkali (typically lye) with fats. Water serves as the vehicle causing a chemical reaction called saponification. After saponification takes place, the end result is crude soap (“true soap”) and glycerol/glycerin. It is important to note that once saponification, or the chemical reaction has occurred, there is no lye present in the final product.

The majority of commercial products available on the market today are made by large conglomerates, mass produced in huge batches using a manufacturing process that removes the glycerin, and adds fillers such as synthetic detergents, hardeners, colors, and other various additives. Why do they remove the glycerin? Because they can use it to make other things to be sold separately - basically, they make more money by removing it and using it elsewhere. But what they’ve really done is remove one of the soap’s moisturizing components. By definition, these products are not soap at all. The detergents contained in them are what typically causes very dry skin and the removal of the glycerin with its moisturizing properties doesn‘t help either. Detergents along with other additives can also cause irritations in some. True soaps such as ours, made using the cold process method, retain their glycerin and have no detergent fillers or other such additives. We actually add a little additional glycerin to our soaps.

What is melt & pour soap?

This is another important thing for you, the consumer, to be aware of. Melt and pour soap products are created using commercial soapmaking kits. Producers of these soaps often mislead the public with their advertising or labeling, by claiming that their products are “handmade”, or that their product contains “no lye”. In reality they are simply pre-made, commercial soap product kits, melted down, colored, scented, etc. and then poured into molds. These products are by no means handmade or made from scratch. The statement of “no lye” that some make, is extremely misleading. No “true” soap contains lye. As mentioned previously, after saponification occurs, there is no lye in the final soap product. Don’t be fooled or mislead.

#3 - Product Quality & Sound Business Practices

Natural Divulge places a huge emphasis on the quality of our all natural, handmade goat milk soap products, the ingredients, and the processes involved in producing them.

We take great pride in our personalized customer service, and in always operating our business in a responsible and helpful manner.

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