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Lemongrass Confinement Showergel, Ginger Cream and Lavender Cream (Taiwan)

When I started using:

I remember when I was first being introduced this product and started using it during my sixth month of pregnancy period, I love it so much.

How I feel about this product:

The Gingercream I used it for my backaches as well as bloated foots. You should understand that backaches can be unbearable during this stage and the Gingercream really helps in relieve my backaches (strictly not on tummy during preggy). During the later stage, my foot started to be swollen and I used the Gingercream to ease the aches as well as bloatness due to water retention. After application (after leaving the house), I can feel that areas actually perspire and is really so much that I think it purge out the water. After few application, I can see my foot is not bloated and some friends/colleagues of mine sees my foot, they are envy that I do not have this kind of problem. I did apply the backache and tummy in the hospital immediately after giving birth to relieve my aches. After pregnant, I did use few times on my tummy for tone-up purpose and it really makes my tummy perspire as well as having burning sensation especially when I am outside. But a lazy mum like me, stopped applying on my tummy (This is common as most humans can be very hardworking and later become lazy.. and that\'s me!). You can try using Binder and you can see the effect of toned-up tummy even faster.

The Lemongrass Showergel has a very cooling effect with the strong Lemongrass fragrance during bathing time. After bathing, the fragrance disappeared but your body can still feel the cooling effect. But the amazing is that, when I use warm water to shower off the showergel, there is a warm feeling or rather a burning sensation on my body. It seems to me like the heat is removing winds from my body and making my body feel relaxed sensation as well as removing my pregnancy bodyaches. If you use it with Gingercream (when you apply it the day before), you can feel the areas with the Gingercream applications is EXTREMELY HOT but SHIOK!

I brought the Lemongrass Showergel to the hospital and started using it to wash my hands, wash my face during the 1st day of birth as well as bathing during the 2nd day of birth. I did not use any herbs to boil during my confinement period as this product has all these herbs required and is formula to become a showergel. I used it for my hair too, but because my hair originally is oily & dry, after shampooing, I can feel dry too but I use Leave-on Conditioner / oil on my hair to avoid dry. Anyway I used it for only twice a week during confinement period, therefore it does not affect me much too.

Sandalwood Showergel is my next favourite! I love the nice fragrance and the effect works exactly the same as Lemongrass Showergel. If you using it for long term, you might want to try out this Sandalwood Showergel as it will not dry your skin.


I love this product too, Lavender Cream.... As you know Lavender helps in calming, relieve and relax. I used it to apply on my neck and shoulder to make me feel ease and calming (better than spa) because of the nice lavender fragrance and the extremely cooling effect on my shoulder. Great product for before sleeping as well as to relieve tiredness, pain or stress.


I recomended these products to my Daddy as he has originally have bodyaches due to long working hours. He loves using both of these products and has been using it till now. I love to share my stories to my customers and friends and most of them tried using it, they do share the same as me.

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I do hope that my recomendation helps you to understand better about this product. Do share with us your experience on these products by commenting it below and you will receive a free gift voucher in your account and use it for your next purchase.

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Published on 09/08/2015 13:02:41
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